The Amazing Spider-Man 3: The Clone Saga


The Amazing Spider-Man 3 is going to be released in less than four years, and what better time than the present to begin crafting a story. To be honest, whatever happens in the spin-offs in between should stay in the spin-offs and should not continue into The Amazing Spider-Man 3, which is why it needs its own story as a standalone film. This story, as it is already rumored, should be the Clone Saga. Here’s my take on it:

Miles Warren, also known as The Jackal, is the biology professor of Peter and Gwen that creates the clones due to his initial obsession over Gwen, and through cloning Peter, discovers he is Spider-Man. In the film, since we never see Peter and Gwen attend college together, Miles Warren should be a biology teacher from Midtown High later hired by or affiliated with Oscorp or a professor that worked at Oscorp while she was working there due to his expertise in cloning and his hatred for Spider-Man.

When Peter first meets his clone, who is set out into the world by The Jackal, they should face off in the confusion they are both experiencing, but quickly figure out they have to work together in order to discover what happened. The Jackal could later on mess with their heads, fooling them about which is the clone and which isn’t.

As for the Gwen Stacy clone, it is once believed (from how I’m reading it) that she was a clone, but was later discovered that the cloning process wasn’t perfected and that she was someone else who is of a similar age and genotype, infected by a genetic virus that transformed her into Gwen Stacy, from which she was cured later on. In the film, the clone should be a pure clone of Gwen Stacy rather than the latter to avoid too much confusion.

There are three options for the main conflict, and this is where the second Clone Saga and beyond comes into play. Another clone, which was supposedly the first, yet unsuccessful clone, Kaine, could face off with the two of them. Another failed attempt, Spidercide, could be another option. Lastly, the Carnage symbiote, which could surface after the Venom spin-0ff (which would be somewhat of an exception to my rule I established at the beginning of this article), could bond to the clone Peter is teaming up with, creating Spider-Carnage.

In the end, it’ll be discovered that The Jackal is only a pawn of a cloned Norman Osborn, created from Norman’s severed head (a scene which was cut from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 but most likely due to its importance to be included in this upcoming film). Norman, as he should be, is behind everything. Norman reveals that Peter is Peter and the clone is the clone as it should be despite The Jackal’s attempts to fool them.

As for Mary Jane Watson, she can be introduced one of two times, early on, or at the end of the film. If she is introduced early on, Peter and MJ can develop a relationship, and that trait can define who is the clone and who isn’t because, in the comics, the clone was made before Peter fell in love with her. To me, for Peter to fall in love with MJ within one film, especially after the love he had for Gwen, would be too much. If she is introduced in the end, MJ can give the trilogy a hopeful end, allowing Peter to move on from everything, maybe even relinquishing his duties as Spider-Man to the clone for the time being.

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