Deadpool #38 Review-Zenpool vs. The X-Men


Deadpool continues his Zen-like journey into the heart of the now-evil X-Men’s Danger Room in order to save his friends, the North Korean FauX-Men from the bad guys.  Except the bad guys are …Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and other inverted X-Men.  Confused?  Don’t be, because this is the latest tie-in to Marvel’s crossover event of the month, called AXIS.

Deadpool #38

The basic premise here is that the X-Men and Avengers, along with Deadpool and some villains, all got their personalities inverted.  Those who were good are now evil, and vice-versa.  Deadpool, being in a somewhat unique moral position, inverted from crazy, wise-cracking killer mercenary, to a wise, serious, peace-loving Zen master.  And he is driving his wife crazy!

The whole AXIS inversion thing is working in the Deadpool comics because what could be more crazy than a merc who won’t kill anymore, and who is now unintentionally ruining his fairly new marriage to Shiklah?

This comic book has a pretty good fight sequence in the X-Men’s Danger Room as Zenpool tries to rescue his friends.  Seeing the real Storm and Nightcrawler battle their Faux counterparts is fun, as is watching Deadpool fight without trying to actually hurt anyone.

While the running fight scene and their attempt to escape the Danger Room is fun, perhaps the best part of this comic is the Zen-like Deadpool’s interactions with his bride.  She is NOT happy with her husband’s personality shift, and to that end, she has some mages working on an antidote.  Considering that one of them is Deadpool’s not-always-with-it buddy Michael, that could be an interesting cure in a future issue!  While the writers have fun with the inverted problems in his marriage, they are being very mean to Deadpool and Shiklah.  Just as the story was going all mushy on us, (hint:  we see Wade in his undies!) he is called away from his marriage bed to deal with more inverted X-Men problems in New York.

Deadpool vs. the X-Men in Deadpool #38

If you are following the AXIS event, the X-Men titles, or you just like seeing Deadpool in his skivvies, check this book out!

Oh, and did we mention that Ryan Reynolds, he of prior Deadpool and Green Lantern fame (plus the ex of Scarlett “Black Widow” Johansson) just got signed on to reprise the role of Wade Wilson in the new Deadpool Movie!  Boo Yah!