Ideas for the Stories of Marvel’s Spider-Man Trilogy


With hopes that Marvel will be creating a new Spider-Man trilogy if this deal works in Marvel’s favor, I’ve decided to come up with my own ideas for the individual films in Marvel’s trilogy.

I’ve heard that the newest reboot will start off with Peter Parker already being Spider-Man, whether it be in high school, his college years or adulthood. I’ve also heard that the reboot will start off with Peter already in a relationship with Mary Jane Watson. I’ll be keeping these in mind as I mention the story arcs I hope to see in the three films. They are as follows:

1. If This Be My Destiny…!

In the comic, Peter has just started college and has met Gwen Stacy and Harry Osborn. With the troubles of college come Peter’s ailing and dying Aunt May, and with those real-life problems comes a character known as The Master Planner (later revealed to be Doctor Octopus) causing trouble for Spider-Man. With this story in mind, the stage of Peter’s life can be one of three: dealing with high school problems whether it be bullying or applying for colleges in preparation for graduation, just starting college as in the comics, or leaving college and trying to make a living in adulthood. Gwen Stacy should also be replaced by Mary Jane in any case, but they’ll already be dating in any of these scenarios. This arc is perfect for a couple reasons. The first reason is that, since we don’t see the death of Uncle Ben now that Peter is already Spider-Man, we can get a sense of “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility” when Peter is trying to save his Aunt May’s life by curing her. Another reason is that Doc Ock is one of Spider-Man’s best villains, and would be an awesome kick-off for the new films.

2. The Clone Saga

The simple fact that this would be the second film in the trilogy and that the story is double the Spider-Man is conceptually enough for this to be the plot of the sequel. Whether he’s a high school teacher or college professor, Miles Warren can still clone Spider-Man. Gwen Stacy, however, is somewhat essential to this storyline. An option I thought of was that Gwen had already died since before the events of the first film and she was cloned and brought back, not only to cause confusion for Peter, but for us to understand this version. Since it seems Gwen might have no place in these films and something like that might connect two versions of Spider-Man that have no relation (this new one and the recent The Amazing Spider-Man 2) since this is another reboot, it may not be such a good idea. Instead, Miles Warren can have some desire for Spider-Man to clone him, only to discover he is an old student of his, Peter Parker. Peter has to face a clone of himself that somehow becomes known as Scarlet Spider (whether it be before or after their first confrontation), but then ultimately join forces to defeat a common foe, The Jackal. Maybe Kaine and/or Spidercide can be henchmen of his. If Marvel wants to, the film can even end with Peter proposing to MJ to set up for a climactic finish.

3. Maximum Carnage

The final chapter is Maximum Carnage. Just like Gwen Stacy, the inclusion of Eddie Brock or even Cletus Kasady would be touchy since they haven’t been introduced formally, especially in this version. Since Venom is important to the story in that he acts as an ally and he’s such a well known character, he should be in it, but maybe his origin, just like Spider-Man’s, doesn’t need to be explained either. The main focus, though, is Kasady becoming Carnage and causing it throughout New York City, starting by crashing Peter’s wedding. The rest of the film will act as somewhat of an equivalent to The Avengers and Spidey’s team can be comprised of introduced MCU superheroes rather than the allies he has in the comics. It will be an ultimate finish to a fresh and probably the best reboot now in hopes Marvel makes it.

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