Wolverines #2 Review-The Search for Logan Continues


When we last left the “Wolverines,” they were battling the Wrecking Crew and Mr. Sinister.  And they were not doing well.  Mr. Sinister took off with Daken’s arm and an eyeball for his sinister experiments, (oh, and he stole the adamantium-encased dead body of Logan, the real Wolverine).

Wolverines #2 Credit Page

As this book opens, we see the mutilated Daken screaming and in shock, his healing factor having been lost (apparently) back in the last issue of the Logan Legacy series.  We only know (or are reminded) of that by X-23’s comments.  Why is it that the Marvel editors (yes, that means YOU Katie Kubert and Mike Marts!) do not provide vital back-story information on connections between current stories and related past events?  Old-time Marvel editors like Stan Lee and Roy Thomas elevated these asides into almost a new art-form.  It would help the reader, and, frankly, promote back-issue searching and buying, if Marvel made this a company-wide policy again.

Anyway, this second book in the Wolverines series is mostly about our “heroes” learning about each other as they tend to Daken and plot their next moves.  Mystique schools the newbies on who Mr. Sinister is and why he is someone to be avoided.  Shogun continues his inner battle with Ogun and shows that he is a true hero and leader, and Neuro continues to pull surprises out of his enhanced brain and prove that he is a class-A jerk.

The best moment in this book is how Mystique deals with the problem of the Wrecking Crew.  Very well written and very in-character for her.  The writing, by Ray Fawkes, is good, and a big improvement over the last issue.

Wolverines #2 Mystique and Neuro

Compared to the first book in this new weekly series, the art is a also a huge improvement.  Penciller Alisson Borges’ artwork is a vast improvement over last issue’s art by Nick Bradshaw.  The new costumes on the Logan Legacy characters still looks contrived, but we assume Borges inherited that look from Bradshaw or the creative team as a whole.  Mystique looks like the devious Mystique of old, and all the other veteran characters look good.  The inverted Sabretooth still does not seem right in his pseudo-Wolverine outfit, but that is not Borges’ fault.

This series is starting to pick up.  We are really looking forward to seeing how the Wolverines deal with Mr. Sinister and continue to grow as a team.

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