Convergence: Your Guide To All The Worlds, Times And Stories In The DC Mega-Event

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Cap’s Hobby Shop World

First Appearance: Adventures of Bob Hope #94

Notable Characters: Sugar and Spike

Not all of the worlds featured in Convergence have super heroes in them. Some belong to other genres altogether.

Let’s go ahead and call this one pre-teen comedy. Sugar and Spike were the inventions of Hall of Fame creator Sheldon Mayer, and the boy-girl duo enjoyed a long run in their own title from the mid-5os through the early 70s. It’s quite possible that they were the inspiration for the Nickelodeon animated series Rugrats, as Sugar and Spike were young toddlers who could understand each other even though adults could not comprehend what they were saying.

The official description of this world in Convergence #0 says that it’s “suspended in a more innocent time” and that it “stands as an apex of Americana.” That doesn’t sound like it will offer much in the way of resistance if it ends up facing a particularly violent world in a struggle for survival, but who knows? Maybe invading characters will simply find it too charming to mess with and feel guilty about sentencing it to eternal erasure.

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