Axis: Hobgoblin #2 Recap


The second issue looking at a reformed Roderick Kingsley is here. The front cover features a smiling Hobgoblin putting his thumbs up. He’s sporting a t-shirt that has ‘Got a problem? Call Hobgoblin!’. Well, if you want a recap, call Whatever a Spider Can because we’ve got recaps. We’re up to our necks in recaps. And here’s the recap for Axis: Hobgoblin #2

We jump straight into some action as Phil Ulrich is in full Goblin Knight garb and is attacking some sort of abandoned warehouse, as well as the police that are trying to stop him. A news reporter reveals that Ulrich has perhaps mistakenly taken some children hostage. The police are discussing back-up when suddenly a bright orange cape flies past.

Hobgoblin bursts into the building and Ulrich says it’s about time. The two then fight whilst the captive children can’t decide who it is they should run towards. Roderick and Phil banter before The Goblin King gets taken out by Hobgoblin’s glider allowing Hobgoblin to take a selfie with the children, as Phil says, he can’t resist a good photo op.

A trapped Phil criticises Roderick, saying that he hasn’t changed he’s just in it for the money. Roderick responds by making fun of Ulrich’s sonic scream before revealing that he has new tricks in his arsenal. At that moment the children in front of Hobgoblin are suddenly whisked away. We then see on the next page that it’s one of Hobgoblin’s new prodigies, Missile Mate.

The Goblin King gets free and swings at Hobgoblin with his flaming sword. Hobgoblin is quite clearly not taking the battle seriously as he uses the opportunity to promote his book, as well as hands out his business card before escaping on his glider. Phil unleashes a scream in a rage and causes the warehouse to collapse around him. The police muse that they can’t believe Hobgoblin is a good guy now and wonder what crazy adventures he’ll get up to next.

We then get a one-page spread in the style of an advertisement where we see Hobgoblin taking on the Hypno Hustler. The advert ends with the children that were under the Hypno Hustler’s control turning on him telling him that he’s a bully. Hobgoblin then gives a cheesy piece to camera speech about bullying and how sticking up for your friends is the right thing to do. He adds that we shouldn’t make good manners a chore, we should make them a hobby!

We then jump to the Hob-Quarters, which are obviously Roderick Kingsley’s headquarters. Kingsley is lecturing a bunch of heroes about how to make the most of being a superhero, referencing a sponsorship offer arising from knocking a villain out with a ketchup bottle. Missile Mate states he doesn’t like the cameras being around because he can’t crack skulls. This draws the ire of Roderick who says that no-one will soil his name.

Ulrich is escorted in by some guards, although he easily disposes of them. Ulrich gives Kingsley one last chance to cut him in or he’ll spoil the party, he then begins insulting the various heroes that Kingsley has assembled, referencing his own superhero team he was responsible for back in the day. Kingsley winds Ulrich up leading to his revealing his flaming sword and attacking.

However much to The Goblin King’s surprise Lily Hollister interrupts hanging from the ceiling. She’s wearing a white lycra suit and Kingsley introduces her as Queen Cat. Queen Cat and Goblin King spar before the rest of the heroes get involved. Phil fights Water Wizard, Leather Boy and most of the other heroes off before he is ball-gagged before he can unleash his sonic scream after failing to convince Lily that she’s a Goblin. He then escapes out of the window.

Phil writes ‘Find me Lily’ in the sky causing her to wonder who he is and whether he actually knows something about her past, as she doesn’t have any memory. Roderick tells her not to pay attention because Phil will use her to get to him, and that he probably caused her accident in the first place. He then congratulates his team before putting on a mask to meet his crowd.

Then there’s another one-page spread in the style of the Spider-Man hostess adverted with Hobgoblin taking on the Tinkerer and beating him with a Hob-Stopper after the Tinkerer’s weapon-detector detects the Hobgoblin’s every weapon. The page ends with the Tinkerer and his henchman tied up and the Hobgoblin holding up his Hob-Stoppers.

Ulrich arrives back at his hideout and rages about Roderick’s ‘control’ of Lily Hollister. However he’s soon interrupted by Missile Mate arriving who wants to be a super-villain and wants to join Ulrich. The Goblin King is originally apprehensive but Missile Mate reveals that he’s brought with him most of the villains that Roderick abandoned when he turned good!

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