Silk #1 Recap


This issue begins immediately after Spider-Verse’s epilogue, Silk is attacking a criminal by the name of Dragonclaw. Cracking off a Pokemon joke and proving she is just as hilarious as Pete.

By the end of the one way fight, Silk’s own spider sense get’s quite the overload, and while distracted her web swinging pursuit is stopped short by Dragonclaw’s quite literal claw, who breaks the webbing..and she decides she’s going to end up as one splattered superhero before she can even prove her worth.

Only to be saved by none other than the Amazing Spider-Man! That’s right Peter Parker swings in to save her from a grisly end only to remark about how she doesn’t write, return his calls. The pair flirt for a bit before Cindy takes abrutpy takes off.

We are introduced to one of the three flashbacks of the story in which a heated argument is taking place over Cindy. Her mother wants her to concentrate on school and not things like her boyfriend.

She’s interrupted by Jolly Old Jameson, formerly of the Daily Bugle, now at the Fact Channel. He’s doing what he does best yelling at the Fact Channel employees. we see a shift in which Peter isn’t working for Jameson, but Cindy/Silk is as she agrees to report on Silk in the same way Peter reported on Spider-Man

Afterwards we realise that Cindy is using the Fact Channel’s resources so that she can find her family who have disappeared since she spent all of thos years in the bunker.

We see another flashback which shows the aftermath of Cindy’s mom vs Cindy herself. Her little brother is actually is the peacekeeper asking Cindy if she meant what she said when her last words at the time were “I hate you”, to which she replies she still loves her mom, and her whole family. Especially her brother.

Then there’s another quick fight with Dragonclaw, which fairs far better – this time he ends up in a dumpster due to quite the punch from Silk!We see some character developments in which we see Silks room mate was actually one of her fellow Fact Channel friends, and Silk moves out because her roomate gets a partner and doesn’t want to impose. There’s also a final flashback to her boyfriend who gives her a moon shaped ankle bracelet

She calls Spidey, and of course he tries to ask her out again when all she wants is a friend to help sort out her spider powers, she abruptly hangs up. Dragonclaw is shown in the bar, in which he’s summoned by Black Cat to find out all he can on Silk.

The last thing we actually see is Silk returning to her bunker because she feels safe there despite it being a prison for her. Whilst elsewhere Dragonclaw is getting an upgrade, and some mysterious figures are watching Silk on a monitor that’s showing her in the bunker again. As Silk promises to find her family no matter the cost, the twin voices watching state she returned home.

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