Axis: Hobgoblin #3 Recap


The last issue of Axis: Hobgoblin is upon us and Phil Ulrich is preparing to stake his name as the Goblin King by removing the other goblin that’s been a thorn in his side for so long, Roderick Kingsley’s Hobgoblin. But just in case you haven’t read Roderick Kingsley’s book you can check out our recap of the issue here!

The issue starts with Missile Mate and his internal monologue. He talks about how he was one of Roderick Kingsley’s Hob-Heroes until he changed sides and joined the Goblin King’s side. He worries that the Hobgoblin can see right through him and discusses Roderick Kingsley’s sudden allegiance change. He then muses that someone with something to hide will always give themselves away. We then see that

Missile Mate is stood with the rest of the Hob-Heroes in front of a crowd to be honoured for what they’ve done. Missile Mate then reveals that he intends to deliver the killing blow to Kingsley.

We then see someone giving a speech about all of the good that Roderick has done despite all of the crimes that have been associated with him in the past. Roderick is then allowed to speak and he talks about the city not having any problems thanks to he and his Hob-Heroes. He then adds that a Hob-Hero can be recognised with a Hobgoblin insignia plate, which are for sale, of course. He then ironically states that he only surrounds himself with people he trusts.

We then see The Goblin King and Missile Mate talking in Brooklyn days before the public event. Missile Mate is wearing the Goblin Knight mask but Ulrich tells him to take it off because he’s not completed his task yet. He then reminds Myers that he’s only there because he brought Lily Hollister to him. Lily reveals herself and explains that she’s there because Phil sought her out and because she believes they were once partners. The Goblin Knight reminds Missile Mate to make sure it’s Roderick that he kills.

Missile Mate reminds us that Hobgoblin has cheated death several times. He then waits for Hobgoblin to remove his mask to confirm that its Roderick Kingsley underneath. Hobgoblin notices that Missile Mate appears nervous before removing his mask. Myers attacks with Phil Ulrich’s flame sword and cuts through Roderick Kingsley revealing that it was a hologram the whole time. Roderick reveals himself and tries to kill Missile Mate but The Goblin King interferes, making a dramatic entrance through Roderick’s Hobgoblin blimp!

An all-out brawl ensues between The Goblin King’s forces and Hobgoblin’s Hob-Heroes. However very quickly into the battle Ulrich calls it off because he wants to fight Kingsley one on one. Hobgoblin cleverly uses Ulrich’s sword against him, smashing his face mask. Hobgoblin then says that if Phil wants to be Norman Osborn so much he can be as the Hobgoblin’s glider smashes the Goblin King into a tree.

Phil see that Queen Cat is slowly walking behind Roderick as he tells Phil he knows the thoughts of every member of his team and is surprised by no-one. However the attack doesn’t come as Queen Cat reveals she was a double-agent and had in fact double crossed Phil himself. The rest of the Hob-Heroes join Roderick as he gloats over a fallen Goblin King.

Suddenly Missile Mate emerges and reveals that he had put a detonator in every single one of the Hobgoblin insignias and that he was blow them unless he and the Goblin King can leave. Hobgoblin however throws pumpkin bombs taking out his own members of his team rather than concede to Missile Mate’s demands. Kingsley seems to have gone mad as he tells Myers that people don’t just become good and that he’d sooner kill his own team than let someone make them a liability.

Missile Mate concedes and gives up before Roderick reveals to the police that his team-mates were also Hobograms and that he had faked the whole thing to trick Missile Mate again. The policeman remains skeptical asking Hobgoblin for DNA samples of his members, however Steve Rogers, the old Captain America, appears and reveals that Queen Cat and the other Hob-Heroes are very much alive. Rogers puts Queen Cat in charge of the Hob-Heroes going forward and then recruits Hobgoblin into the Avengers.

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