Six Reasons You Should Be Watching Daredevil

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2. The fight scenes are amazing

I hesitate to call them more realistic, because Matt Murdock still does a lot more flipping and acrobatics than I’ve ever seen from someone in a real street fight. Um, not that I’ve actually seen many, but you know what I mean.

But while there have been plenty of stellar Marvel fight sequences already, Daredevil has the most visceral combat of them all. These are bloody, bone-crunching affairs, with blows that you can almost feel. Even some of the flashbacks have them thanks to Matt’s father, professional boxer Battlin’ Jack Murdock.

It helps that we’re watching a hero that can’t just shrug off shots the way the Avengers do (most of them, anyway). In the incredible hallway fight that ends episode 2, Daredevil is already in pretty rough shape going into it. That makes it all the more appropriate that he staggers around while catching his breath in-between taking out bad guys, springing into action again only when necessary. Seriously, watch it again right now and tell me it’s not impressive.

There are more where that came from, trust me. Makes you wonder what Marvel is going to have up its sleeve when Iron Fist hits Netflix.

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