Six Reasons You Should Be Watching Daredevil

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4. The supporting cast is superb

Give both the actors and writers props here. If you’ve read Daredevil comics, you know that Matt Murdock’s world is populated by other fascinating characters, but they really get a chance to shine in this series.

Elden Henson (yes, one of the guys from The Mighty Ducks) is terrific as Foggy Nelson, Matt’s best friend and law partner. Without venturing too far into spoiler territory, he’s an essential ingredient in Matt’s character arc, one who contributes more than just comic relief — though he’s welcome in that regard as well.

So, too, is Deborah Ann Woll as Karen Page, who goes from victim to employee to something more over the course of the series. What’s really great about her part is that she’s enmeshed in the main storyline, but she’s got a quest of her own she’s pursuing. It’s there that she crosses paths with Vondie Curtis Hall’s Ben Urich, an investigative reporter given extra urgency because the show is set in the present, when newspapers are becoming dinosaurs.

Even the minor characters are smartly written. One of the Russian mob bosses mentions that the reason Wilson Fisk doesn’t want his subordinates to say his name is that it would betray the fact that he is only a man. That’s the kind of care you can expect throughout all 13 episodes, and it allows Daredevil to be the star of his own show while still having plenty of interesting people around him.

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