Guardians of the Galaxy #21 Recap


After the fantastic film it was only a matter of time before Spider-Man or a Spider-Man related film cropped up in a comic and I’d have a good excuse to get some of the Guardians comics. So when Brian Michael Bendis announced that he was doing a three part storyline entitled ‘Planet of the Symbiotes’ where Flash Thompson’s Agent Venom ends up visiting the home-world where his symbiote Venom originated from I had to get it, and naturally recap it!

So, Guardians of the Galaxy #21 starts with a holographic figure discussing the status of the Earth as part of the Galaxy. The holographic figure suggests that they should eliminate the Earth completely because it creates unsurpassed amounts of damage and chaos to the galaxy and it is destroying its ecosystem from within. The figure goes on to list the dangers that the Earth poses and suggests that if he’s elected president of Spartax the first thing he’ll do is put together a coalition to eliminate it.

We cut to a bar to see an alien Kree boasting about going to Earth before he’s kicked out of the bar for being too drunk. A hooded Flash Thompson, with the hood made out of the Venom symbiote, follows the Kree alien and demands to be taken to Earth. The Kree says that he was lying about going to Earth and a fully-formed symbiote monster kills him.

On the Guardians of the Galaxy Home-Ship Peter Quill is talking to a beamed-up holographic Kitty Pryde from the X-Men. Peter tells Kitty, rather disastrously, that instead of going to some seedy bar and picking up a girl when his team’s in trouble, this time he wanted to speak to Kitty and needed to see her face. She asks how the rest of the team is doing and we see Drax hunting a big alien monster and looking sad.

We go back to Agent Venom who is now in Knowhere in what appears to be an alien arms dealership. Flash demands to know everything the store owner knows about his symbiote, which the store owner called a Klyntar. The store owner threatens Flash with his arsenal of weapons. Gamora walks in and tells Flash they’ve been looking for him. Flash transforms into a Venom-monster and attacks her.

Gamora manages to stall the symbiote long enough to allow the rest of the Guardians to turn-up . Peter Quill then uses the device Tony Stark gave him in case of Venom-based emergencies to separate the symbiote from Flash and Rocket Raccoon captures it in some sort of containment gun. Flash apologises for losing control and the Guardians decide to take Flash back to Earth.

On their ship Gamora, Drax and Peter Quill are discussing what to do with the symbiote with Gamora wanting to shoot it into space but Peter saying that the symbiote isn’t theirs, it’s Flash’s. Meanwhile Groot and Rocket are in the midst of preparing a more stable holding cell for the symbiote. However it escapes from its current containment cylinder and takers over Groot.

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