Guardians of the Galaxy #22 Recap


‘Planet of the Symbiotes’ continues with Guardians of the Galaxy #22 and many people will remember that the last issue left us with the Venom symbiote taking over Groot aboard the Guardians’ Spaceship. What will a Venom-Symbiote infected Groot rampaging aboard a Spaceship lead to? Well, there’s only one way to find out – read the recap! Okay you can read the comic as well so there are two ways to find out but where’s the fun in that.

So, Groot has just been turned into a Monster-Venom-Thing but first we head over to Planet Spartax where a whole bunch of representatives are discussing the manufactured anti-Earth sentiment. One of the representatives suggests that they need a leader that the entire galaxy will get behind. A female delegate pipes up and suggests that Peter Quill should be the new president of Spartax. She says he’s the perfect candidate because he helped to overthrow his father and is subsequently popular.

Meanwhile we head over to the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship where Gamora, Drax and Star Lord are confused by a loud noise until they stumble upon Venom-Groot attacked Rocket Raccoon. Drax immediately flies into the fray but Peter Quill tries to stop him from doing too much damage because its Groot inside. Peter tries to use the device that Stark gave him but the brawl between Drax and Venom-Groot sends the ships navigation awry causing Peter to drop the device.

Peter notices that the ship is going to crash into an asteroid and attempts to float his way towards the ship’s navigation system. Drax and Rocket Raccoon continue to battle Venom-Groot who manages to grab hold of Peter, preventing him from saving the ship. Luckily Rocket Raccoon aims a well-placed shot freeing Quill, allowing him to steer the ship away from the asteroid.

Gamora throws herself into the battle and a combined effort from Star Lord, Rocket, Drax and Gamora manages to free Groot from the symbiote. After abandoning Groot the symbiote slivers towards Rocket but the Raccoon blasts it with his gun and it runs away escaping through a vent despite Drax’s attempts to stop it.

The group argue about what to do next and Gamora berates Quill for dropping the device from Stark. They then realise that it’s likely the symbiote will attempt to reunite with it’s original host Flash Thompson and Gamora and Star Lord rush over to him. They find Flash untouched and unconscious. Meanwhile Groot, Drax and Rocket are looking for the symbiote, they hear a noise and stop allowing the symbiote to sneak up on Rocket turning him into Venom-Rocket.

Back at Knowhere a group of Carmondians (I presume their race of alien is called Carmondians) are escaping on a hover-car with loads of money however Captain Marvel A.K.A Carol Danvers is giving chase and easily takes down the robbers. However she then notices a big advertisement for a presidential campaign candidate and is shocked to discover that it’s Peter Quill who is in the running.

Back on the Guardians’ ship Venom-Rocket is causing havoc with his built-in Venom-based arm-mounted guns. Gamora and Drax continue to battle Venom as Star Lord spots the device he was given by Tony Stark. He manages to pick it up just as Venom manages to destroy it with his gun, causing all hope to seem lost.

The comic ends with Peter Quill telling everyone to stand down however Drax tries to blindside Venom-Rocket. However Venom was one step ahead and abandoned Rocket choosing to voluntarily bond with Drax the Destroyer. The ending cliff-hanger is a Venom-Symbiote bonded Drax looming over the rest of the Guardians.

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