Batman v Superman Trailer was Going to be LEGO-ized Eventually


Let’s face it: Someone was going to do it no matter what. Eventually, just like with the Comic-Con trailer and the teaser, LEGO version of the Batman v Superman trailer was going to be made and put online. Much to our delight, it has.

This one comes from the YouTube channel FinalFeature and it’s been a long time in the making, apparently.

"Tell me…. Do you bleed plastic? You will.I have spent months preparing to remake this trailer. Gathering information, building, learning and putting all of the pieces together to recreate the trailer in a short period of time."

We could do an Ultimate Guide to LEGO trailers alone at this point. This does take a lot of work and our hat go off to animators like this one the clever people behind the retro Batman v Superman trailer seen recently.

I can’t wait to see the next edition of this, perhaps summing up the film when it comes out.

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