Five Biggest Surprises In Avengers: Age Of Ultron

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3. Nick Fury has apparently been busy

Samuel L. Jackson did an excellent job downplaying the role his character, Nick Fury, would have in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Explaining that this would be more about people with powers fighting others with powers, the man who play’s Marvel’s top super spy made it seem like his contribution would be small.

In terms of screen time, he wasn’t wrong. But just when it looked like Nick would be limited to giving the Avengers a pep talk when they needed it most, he showed up at an even more crucial time, commanding a mothballed Hellicarrier to aid in the evacuation of civilians caught in the crossfire of the final battle with Ultron.

Here’s my question: who are all these people, and where did they all come from? Besides Maria Hill and the guy from Captain America: The Winter Soldier who defies an order to help aid in the capture of Captain America, there aren’t any recognizable faces. They’re unlikely to all be SHIELD agents, because (as you know if you watch Agents of SHIELD) that organization is in the middle of its own factional in-fighting, and Nick is technically no longer in charge.

I’m not saying I expected Fury to be lounging on an island somewhere, but he’s been busier than we’ve been led to believe if he can get a fully staffed Hellicarrier in the air on short notice. Maybe he’ll be more active going forward, especially with that new Avengers base being constructed at the end of the movie.

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