After Daredevil: Five More Marvel Heroes We’d Like To See On Netflix

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3. Elektra

Marvel has already gone down some morally ambiguous roads with Daredevil. Not with Matt Murdock, so much, since he managed to rein in the temptation to pursue the ultimate punishment for Wilson Fisk, but certainly with Karen Page’s shooting of James Wesley, a somewhat justified but nonetheless shocking killing for which she never has to answer. With that in mind, a show about an assassin doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch.

This is the only character I considered that would spin directly out of Daredevil, and it would be easy to do so during Season 2. I don’t think longtime fans of Matt would expect that we can go too deeply into his life without Elektra Natchios showing up anyway. Stick has already been introduced into the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe mythos, as has the Hand (or at least it sure seemed that way), so all of the classic ingredients are already in place.

There’s an obvious hunger for ass-kicking female characters out there, and if the Jessica Jones series is successful, that should only intensify. Elektra fits the bill there, and having her show on Netflix would mean Marvel wouldn’t have to skimp on the more violent aspects of her profession.

Like DD, there’s unpleasant movie history to overcome (and I say that even though I adore Jennifer Garner) but it’s definitely possible. I’d love to see it, and I bet other fans would too.

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