After Daredevil: Five More Marvel Heroes We’d Like To See On Netflix

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2. Moon Knight

Just to be clear, there’s only one Batman. We voted him the greatest super hero in comic book history not that long ago. But Marvel has its own character with the potential to tap into some of the same vibe as the Dark Knight while also celebrating some of its own unique aspects, and a Moon Knight series would make for terrific television.

His origin alone would make for plenty of material, seeing as it includes time spent as a boxer, a military man and a mercenary. Then it just gets crazy as Marc Spector ends up taking a stand for what’s right, nearly getting himself killed in the process and ends up giving himself over to become the avatar of an Egyptian god in order to begin his journey as a crime-fighter. Arrow flashbacks, eat your heart out!

If you like the common super hero struggle to balance costumed and secret identities, you’ll love seeing Moon Knight grapple with trying to keep several alter egos straight. It’s been suggested more than once that the guy isn’t 100 percent right in the head, but that will just give whoever Marvel casts that much more to dive into. This is a role that could really put someone on the map.

Is the all white costume a bit much for TV? Maybe. I’m also a little wary that Moon Knight doesn’t have the greatest rogues gallery, as compelling villains make for great drama. Seriously, ask the average comics fan to name three Moon Knight villains and I bet he or she comes up empty.

Forget all that. This is a hero begging to be brought to life, and Netflix would be the perfect place for it to happen.

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