Spider-Man Unlimited Update Notes 05/06/2015


Hello fellow webslingers, it’s that time again. Our (probably) favorite endless runner Spider-Man Unlimited has received another update, and it’s brought more spidery goodness to the game.

Let’s dive into what’s new:

Silver Sable is the new boss baddie this time around – the game’s first female boss I might add. It’s weird considering her usually amiable relation (and maybe relationship) with Spidey, but she has a big gun and is not afraid to use it.

New Spider-Men: Of course the most important thing is the new playable Spider-(Wo)Men. This includes a new category of MONSTER SPIDEYS. There are six new Spider-Men:

  • Spider-X
  • Tarantula
  • Blood Spider
  • Exoskeleton Arana Anya
  • Aracnido Jr
  • And one more unannouced

There are new Spider-Tiers which add up the level of your best team and gives you rewards – I got 100 ISO and a VIP portal for having 4 max legendaries. This tier will also determine your event rewards so get grinding to grow from ROOKIE to LEGEND.

Finally, there’s a new voice over for the monstrous Spider-Men, some delicious new slots, a collection and achievement count, more event rewards, bug fixes, and a VIP portal rotation so you can have access to different legendaries.

The current event for the update is Silver Sable Strikes, and the reward is Aracnido Jr (Legendary). The scoreboard this time around is for enemy KOs, so even if you don’t have the legendaries required for a high multiplier you have a chance to be number 1! And if you haven’t yet celebrated the now 2 days past Cinco De Mayo, SMU has you covered with a Cinco De Mayo portal where you can score an Aracnido Jr early, as well as the Legendary Anya Corazon.

All in all I would say this infuses some much needed variety (yes it needs more!) and brings us closer to the Symbiote event, which will be Amazing. So if you haven’t played in a while update and swing back in ASAP!