Sheriff Asks Lawyer to Keep Client from Dressing as Batman


Edinburgh, Scotland resident Paul Mount got into some hot water for threatening to set local bus passengers on fire. Like ya do. When Mount went to meet with his lawyer, solicitor Roy Harley, he made a big impression. So big that when he was absent for his court hearing, the Sheriff issued a warning.

"Mr Harley told Sheriff Kenneth Maciver he had no explanation for his client’s absence, but added the last time they had met the man had turned up at his office wearing a “fluorescent green Batman” costume.Mr Harley then pleaded guilty to the charges on behalf on 55-year-old Mount despite his client’s absence from the court.Mr Harley told the court: “I received instructions from Mr Mount to plead guilty to the charge, but I have not seen him [at court] today.”And when Sheriff Maciver asked why Mount had failed to turn up for his court appointment, Mr Harley said: “To be frank My Lord, when he arrived at my office [last week] he was wearing a fluorescent green Batman outfit. I think drink had been taken."

According to the Sheriff:

"I will defer the matter to next Tuesday but perhaps you could tell your client not to dress as Batman, or Robin for that matter."

Mount officially pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for attempting to open a bottle of what he claimed to be gasoline, ranting about setting the other bus passengers on fire.

Sounds like a class act.

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