Spider-Comic Happenings: Part Two


Hello Web-Heads! Let’s check in with our favorite Spider-Totems in some of the ongoing Spider-Comics that are not named Amazing Spider-Man. There will be some spoilers ahead if you want to read those issues so do not read on if that is the case.

First off, we’ll check in with my favorite new femme fatale (in training) Silk! She’s currently spending time making friends with her villains (in this case, pokeman dude), and she finally runs into the Black Cat herself. She may or may not have had her behind handed to her by the white-haired feline… okay, she totally did. It’s okay though, after she makes a quick escape she’s delivered a pep talk from Spider-Man – and he’s brought friends: The Fantastic Four!

Next up is the ever popular Spider-Gwen! Finally taking a break from the action, Spider-Gwen faces a little more introspection this time around. After saving some punk kids from falling off a building while trying to get away from her, she ends up in the house of Peter Parker. While she tries to run away (mentally and physically) from his death and her supposed involvement, Aunt May keeps her there (not knowing Gwen’s identity of course). She explains how even though she blamed Spider-Woman at first for Pete’s death, she has been keeping up with Spider-Woman’s good deeds, and realizes that perhaps she’s not a bad guy, but a hero. Oh, and Gwen’s back with the band!

I don’t know if you’ve been reading the Secret Wars, but all hell has broken loose as the Ultimate and 616 universes are colliding. As the Ultimate Reed Richards releases his warships against the 616 Earth, Miles seems to be ready to hitch a ride. Or at least he’s shocked by something as he peers down the launchpad. I suppose we’ll find out soon.

Spider-Woman didn’t really get much screen time. This makes sense, considering that she and the Black Widow get blown out of the sky while piloting a ship. It’s okay that they died though, because there is no death… there is only Secret Wars™

But fret not, Peter Parker did not seem to share the same fate. In fact, it seems that he was deemed worthy enough to be teleported onto the escape vessel, by the teleporter Manifold, where all the necessary people are being corralled in order to transport them off planet. Of course he’s worthy, someone has to break the tension with some jokes. He also seems to be the only hero willing to sit down and take a breather.

And that’s that! Looks like as we head into the Secret Wars everything is topsy turvy and there will be plenty of Spider-goodness to come. Peep the previous happenings in the Snapshot here if you want to check what these guys were up to before. Til next time!