Finally Justice League with Dinosaurs: Jurassic League


With Jurassic World finally coming to the big screen after years of development hell, mashups with other big blockbusters was inevitable. Now, artist David M. Jones has made his latest fan made offering a tribute to the Justice League. Jokes about short arms and capes have been dangling in the air for eternity. Check out the video for the answers for all your burning questions about dinosaur superheroes.

"Published on May 15, 2015When danger strikes, sometimes the job is too big for a single dinosaur. This is when the prehistoric world’s greatest superheroes answer the call to join the Jurassic League.Website: http://www.jurassicleague.comFacebook:"

Jones’s other works include Arrow Jedi and some graphic design work, but Jurassic League will become a webshow this summer.

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