ACBC 2015: Atlantic City Boardwalk Con Photo Gallery

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What’s better than one Batmobile? How about just about every Batmobile ever seen on TV or in movies?

An impressive display, to be sure, and even cooler since they were lined up next to each other. First up, the classic TV ride used by Adam West and Burt Ward — who, by the way, were both at ACBC for autographs and photo ops.

Here’s another legendary Batmobile, this time from the second Michael Keaton outing, Batman Returns. The Batmobile display doubled as a paid photo op station, though it was $20 for the honor.

It’s hard to call the previous vehicle more realistic since it had a giant jet turbine and an equally large exhaust port in the back, but the Batmobile from Batman Forever looked like something out of a sci-fi flick. Not too roomy in the cockpit either.

Last but not least, the Batmobile from the Christopher Nolan trilogy, otherwise known as the Tumbler. A couple of the batsuits from the movies were also on display; you can see one in the background here. You could also get a photo with a vehicle and Batman — not the real one, as far as I know.

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