7 Actresses To Consider For The Captain Marvel Movie

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Natalie Dormer is Margaery Tyrell on the hit HBO TV show Game of Thrones. Her character is a strong, trailblazing woman who lives in a patriarchal society. But since her role as Cressida, the stoic TV journalist in the latest Hunger Games film, fans have come out to state that Dormer has proven herself worthy to receive fan-cast credit as Captain Marvel. She has a wide range of acting experience that spans TV, film, and stage, so I trust she would be a good fit. She had a small role in Captain America:The First Avenger, as Pvt. Lorraine, so she already has a connection with Marvel. I think Game of Thrones fans and Captain Marvel fans would definitely come out to support Dormer in Marvel’s first female-led super hero film.

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