7 Actresses To Consider For The Captain Marvel Movie

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The longest standing fan pick for Captain Marvel is Katee Sackhoff. Starring in the Syfy TV show BattleStar Galatica made quite an impression on the audience. Her character Starbuck is the most memorable of the series, and was a force to be reckoned with. Since then she has starred in Riddick and Oculus. She is reported to also be attached to the horrendous Expendabelles project.

It does seem that she favors DC a bit more. She has stated for the record:

"I would gladly give up my first born for the role of Harley Quinn"

Alrighty then! I think her focus should be elsewhere. Now that Margo Robbie is set to star as Harley Quinn in David Ayers’ Suicide Squad, she should be out campaigning hard for Captain Marvel. Starring in this could give her career the ultimate jump start.

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