London Has Its Own Batman. For Real.


We’ve all told you stories about guys dressing up as Batman in different places around the world. Usually they do it to cheer up ill children or just for kicks, but a man in south London is doling out kicks of his own. Apparently, a city worker named Ken was in the process of being mugged at knife point in an area called Martin’s Hill when a Batman-like vigilante came to his rescue.

"I thought I was quite literally done for. Then, out of nowhere, a man about 6ft tall, dressed in black combat-style trousers and a tight muscle top, and wearing a black bandanna mask, came running towards them. He kicked the biggest of my attackers to the ground, which must have knocked the wind out of him. Then he grabbed one of the others and swung him into the other one, and pushed them both into a prickly hedge. They were both screaming in pain."

Wow. That’s pretty frakking Batman. He’s pretty intimidating, according to Ken.

"It actually scared the life out of me – as I’m sure it did the young chaps who attempted to mug me."

Pretty impressive. No one seems to know who the masked man is, but it doesn’t seem as though it was a random good Samaritan. By Being masked and ready for such a situation makes it look like London may just have its own Batman.

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Source: The London Evening Standard

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