The First Titan Spider Is Now Available in Spider-Man Unlimited!


Gameloft has upped the ante in their mobile hit Spider-Man Unlimited. First there was epic, then legendary, and now… Titan!

The first Spider to be graced with the game’s newest and most powerful rarity of Titan is the Scarlet Spider (Felicity Hardy). This powerful Spider-Woman comes in a shimmering, diamond colored frame, and packs what is currently the BEST combination of skills in SMU. Which means I should probably take some time soon to reevaluate the abilities in the game.

Along with the ability to level up to 110, giving her the highest Spidey Power in the game, she harbors greatly upgraded abilities: +2 to combos from a near miss, and 65% bonus score from defeating the boss. Anyone who plays the game can see how powerful these powers are. +1 combo to anything is already one of the best abilities in the game, and the latter ability only gives a 40% bonus for non-Titan Spiders. /
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Gameloft really delivered this time around with the new rarity and it makes me psyched for the next one to come – someone of a goblin persuasion. Hopefully she gets her own portal soon, though I don’t what the adjusted Titan cost would be. My inital guess is around 100, though perhaps that is a little high. I personally would be okay with a 60 iso-8 portal, and it’d be a stretch in a bad direction, but 75 would seem okay too since it’s in line with the VIP portal cost.

Play hard and earn the first Titan Spider in the game! She’s currently available as the prize in the event Paint the Town Red, and is also available every sunday in the Unlimited Mode Leaderboard. Keep swinging and start saving up your Iso-8, and stay tuned for more Spider-Man Unlimited news!

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