Amazing Custom Batcycle!


We’ve seen people make custom Batmobiles, big wheels for their kids and even other Batcycles, but we’ve never brought you anything quite this amazing. Game Over Cycles is a custom shop out of Poland their latest creation is an impressive Batman-themed trike based off of the Batmobile from Batman 89 and Batman Returns. Check this out:

"Works on the Batmobile are not yet completed, so for now we can only tell you that for the next bike season the machine will get new wings and completely new suspension, but no one really knows where owner’s imagination will take him with this vehicle."

Pretty rad, huh? A lot of cycle purists dislike 3 wheeled designs, but many of them will likely give this one a pass.

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They put these pics on their Facebook page, but you can check out their website right here.

Via: Laughing Squid

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