Post Secret Wars Spider-Comics, Thus Far


We are currently in the midst of Secret Wars™, which features plenty of Spider-Comic goodness: Renew Your Vows, Spider-Verse, and Spider-Island, with the main Peter and Miles hamming it up in the main story-line. But what does the Spider-Comic landscape look post Secret Wars?

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First off, the former Ultimate Spider-Man Miles Morales will be swinging alongside different versions of the greats (including the Vision and Tony Stark in a new, sleek suit) in the All-New, All-Different Avengers. These won’t be the organized, supremely powerful Avengers we’ve known; this is a team with half of its roster still going to school, a team with no funding, and a group of heroes who haven’t really worked together before. Their first bad guy will be Nova villain Warbringer, and it’ll be interesting to see how a team of different ages and backgrounds mesh. Artists Adam Kubert and Mahmud Asrar will team up with writer Mark Waid for this one.

With no announcement of the fate of Peter Parker post Secret Wars, save for the fact that he’ll act as a mentor to Miles, the title of Spider-Man will officially be transferred to the Ultimate Spider-Man himself. Swinging into the main universe, Miles Morales will fight crime in his solo title Spider-Man. Not much has been revealed about the story but hopefully it’ll feature some sweet Spider-Men (the series where Peter Parker 616 found himself in the Ultimate Universe) moments. It’ll be interesting to see the new world’s reaction to the new Spider-Man, and how the usual rogue’s gallery will react to the new take on their shared foe. Story by Brian Bendis and art by Sarah Pichelli. /

And finally, freshly announced, the ultra popular Spider-Gwen will be making a return to comic book stands after her brief 5 issue run pre-Secret Wars. According to Marvel’s interview with Spider-Gwen artist Jason Latour, we know that Gwen’s story will certainly take place in Earth-65 (hmmm, the multiverse will return?) and continue where it left off -Spider-Gwen, Evil Matt Murdock, Super-cop Frank Castle, and the Mary Janes all present. Yet Spider-Gwen was born from the Spider-Verse, meaning that dimension hopping will occur, with each new character adding to the overall story of her universe. Check out the interview here for some insight on the creator’s inspirations and thought processes on building Gwen. The creative team for Spider-Gwen will be Jason Latour, Robbi Rodriguez, and Rico Renzi.

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There you have it, these are the Spider-Comics announced thus far! Hopefully Peter Parker will have something going as well, I don’t think it’s his time to retire just yet.