7 Spider-Man Villains We’d Like To See In The New Movie

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4. Mysterio

Pros: For the sake of full disclosure, the first Marvel comic my parents ever bought me was one that featured Spider-Man facing off against Mysterio, so I’ve got a soft spot for this guy. But he’d totally work in the movies, with his mastery of illusions and misdirection meaning he’s one villain that Peter Parker almost always has to outwit instead of just outfight. He’s probably in the second tier of name recognition when it comes to Spidey’s enemies; that is, I bet most people at least recognize the name even if they couldn’t tell you exactly what he can do. The special effects folks could really let their imaginations run wild, and Quentin Beck’s origin as a stuntman is believable in terms of becoming a self-made super villain too.

Cons: Not the most interesting back story, at least as originally presented in the comics. He’s really just out to be a thief until he ends up with the need to seek revenge against Spider-Man. That could work over the course of a movie, but it would need to be well-written. And then there’s that fishbowl. While I hope many comic book fans would agree with me that it’s both awesome and iconic, goodness knows it’s probably not right for the big screen as is. He’d need at least a minor costume redesign, but then he’d run the risk of losing what makes him unique and endearing. Maybe Mysterio is better reserved for the printed page.

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