7 Big Questions About The All-New All-Different Marvel Lineup

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The Marvel Universe is going to look a lot different come October.

It’s not like we didn’t know that, because Marvel has been very up front about the idea that Secret Wars would be a transformational force for the entire line. And let’s face it — since it began with the end of everything, it had to be. Now that all 45 of the All-New All-Different Marvel titles have been revealed, they’ve brought with them almost as many questions as answers.

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Some of the biggest rumors have been put to rest just by the announcements. We know, for example, that there still will be X-Men comics (and quite a few of them) after Secret Wars. The wildest reports about mutants being spun off to their own planet appear to be untrue.

The talent behind the new series has given us some more tidbits. The Hulk will be someone else. Tony Stark and Peter Parker may have switched circumstances. The Fantastic Four members have scattered, with the Thing and Human Torch joining other teams.

That still leaves a lot to chew on between now and October. It’s likely the end of Secret Wars will fill in some of the blanks, including why there’s no sign of Reed Richards or his wife. Other things are going to fall into the realm of speculation for several months.

But heck, speculating about comics is something we love to do! With that in mind, here are nine big questions that have been bouncing through our heads ever since we paged through that All-New All-Different Marvel Previews magazine for the 12th or 13th time.

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