7 Big Questions About The All-New All-Different Marvel Lineup

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Are the kids, in fact, actually alright?

I was a little cynical about the supposed All-New All-Different Avengers simply because it’s not completely true. Then again, Sorta New Somewhat Different Avengers probably wouldn’t have worked too well from a marketing standpoint.

The new lineup is really a mix, with Iron Man and Vision representing the old guard, Captain America and Thor representing new people taking on iconic roles and Nova, Spider-Man and Ms. Marvel the actual new blood of the group. The reaction toward the youngsters has been somewhat split between fans who don’t think the Avengers should have kids on the team and others anxious to see what they might contribute to the overall dynamic.

One thing I will say is that all three of those characters seem like they would really want to be Avengers (Kamala Khan in particular), so it’s very believable that they’d join up if asked. My guess is that has something to do with why the “mightiest” is crossed out in the tag line and “most dedicated” is inserted in its place.

It’s not going to be an easy gig following Jonathan Hickman’s run on the Avengers books, but Mark Waid has been promising a mix of old school storytelling and modern characterization for this series, and he definitely has the chops and experience to pull it off. The other titles with “Avengers” in the title also have had their rosters shuffled quite a bit, with Steve Rogers’ Uncanny Avengers team seeming particularly random (though in Quicksilver, Brother Voodoo and Rogue, it actually has three carryovers from the current volume).

And speaking of the former Sentinel of Liberty …

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