There are Problems with Batman’s Bats


Batman naturally has a horde of Bats in the Batcave. They’re perhaps for show or to remind him of who he is, but they also kinda came with the place. But ANDREW BRIDGMAN of shows us why that isn’t always convenient for the Dark Knight.

"Most of Batman’s whole persona doesn’t make much sense – being a billionaire who dresses up like a flying rodent is more than a little silly. But hanging out in a gross cave filled with bats all the time? That’s INSANE. You’re a billionaire! You own a mansion! Why are you chilling in a dank cave filled with disease-ridden bats instead of enjoying some champagne in your ultra-fancy house?"

"But it’s even worse for Alfred – the only person Batman truly trusts, and thus the only one he can trust with his household chores, which include:cleaning an entire mansion by himself all the timemaking all of Bruce’s meals (and cleaning them up)CLEANING UP A DAMN CAVE FILLED WITH BATSother butler stuffReally, the least Batman could do for his faithful manservant is not make HIM walk around a cave all the time too."

I always thought it was kind of absurd to have an entire estate run and maintained by one guy. Alfred or not. I mean, have you seen Downton Abbey?

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