Arrow: Could Diggle End Up As The Guardian?


Generally, when Oliver Queen talks to the rest of Team Arrow and says, “Suit up,” he’s talking to everyone who goes into the field except for John Diggle. With Season 4 on the horizon and even Thea Queen ready to fight crime in costume, Diggle is looking increasingly like the odd man out.

That might not be quite as true, though, based on the Warner Bros. TV panel at Comic-Con 2015. One of the revelations to come out of Hall H was that Diggle will get a helmet and the beginnings of a costume, though he won’t be a full-on super hero. Here’s a low quality image of his new duds via

While that’s not a ton to go on until The CW releases some better images, some of the commenters on that piece theorized that it could be the beginning of Diggle’s transformation into the Guardian. Specifically, it reminded them of the costume worn by the Manhattan Guardian in Grant Morrison’s 2005 Seven Soldiers of Victory series.

For the sake of comparison, here’s a picture of that version of the helmeted hero:

Those readers definitely might be onto something. Not only is there a resemblance, more than anyone else on Team Arrow, Diggle is in the battle against criminals to protect his wife and daughter. He also was introduced to Oliver during Season 1 as his bodyguard.

The Guardian name (forget the Manhattan part, obviously), just fits him, and while we’d expect John to still be toting a firearm, it couldn’t be that hard for one of the super smart types in his world — Felicity Smoak, Ray Palmer, The Flash‘s Cisco Ramon or the incoming Mister Terrific — to whip up a cool shield for him. The Guardian traditionally doesn’t have superhuman powers in DC comics either, so it works in that respect as well.

Again, we’re not saying this is definitely happening, but we certainly subscribe to this theory. We’ll find out together when Arrow returns for Season 4 on The CW on October 8.

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