Comic-Con 2015: Our Favorite Announcements And Reveals From SDCC

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An Impressive Showing by 20th Century Fox

(by Curt Popejoy, Bam Smack Pow staff writer)

My biggest positive takeaway from Comic-Con 2015 and what got me most excited was the presentation by 20th Century Fox. It seems as if they have turned the corner, and their next three upcoming films all look tremendous. They have had to live in the shadow of Marvel in the past, but with Deadpool, Fantastic Four and X-Men: Apocalypse all on deck and looking amazing in trailers and footage, Fox is starting to level the playing field.

For comic book fans, the improvements on this side can only mean better things for all films based on Marvel characters. It will also facilitate more crossover between the production companies going forward. There are some classic story arcs in Marvel that would be amazing on film but would require these two sides coming together on screen. But who doesn’t want Iron Man and Reed Richards together dealing with a Celestial Host or as members of the Illuminati?

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