Comic-Con 2015: Our Favorite Announcements And Reveals From SDCC

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Jay Garrick Confirmed for The Flash

(by Nick Tylwalk, Bam Smack Pow editor-in-chief)

When I was a kid, I found everything about DC’s Earth-Two heroes fascinating. I remember reading those great Roy Thomas All-Star Squadron issues and just wanting to immerse myself completely in both the older versions of familiar icons and new-to-me costumed crimefighters I had never even heard mentioned.

In the former group, no one was as cool as Jay Garrick. It’s true that when you’re young, you don’t often think of your elders that way, but there was just something about an older, wiser Flash that resonated with me. Despite his age, he was someone who could and did serve as the voice of experience to all the speedsters who followed him, particularly Wally West. And he managed to outrace Father Time to stay active with the JSA all the way into the 21st Century, something I never would have guessed decades ago.

I know the Jay coming to The Flash won’t be exactly the same as the one from Earth-Two (or even like the one from the new Earth 2, for that matter), but that’s fine with me. Just seeing that famous winged helmet in the Season 1 finale was a treat, but now that the man who wears it will be speeding our way this fall, I couldn’t be more excited.

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