Gotham: Season Two Is What The Show Should Have Been


I think it would e fair to say that Gotham’s first season, while a ratings success, was pretty uneven. There were some great episodes, but the show seemed directionless at some points. But first seasons of many shows are often rough and unfocused. Gotham star Ben McKenzie says the upcoming second season of Gotham is what the show should’ve always been.

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"In a way, I think we’re sort of getting to what the show should have been all along"

McKenzie also talked about Oswald Cobbplepot’s new precarious position as “King of Gotham”

"Mr. Cobblepot is the king of Gotham at the moment, but it’s a contentious situation. He’s got to vie for that constantly."

During this same interview, Gotham Executive Producer Bruno Heller promised that the second season really gets at the heart of what the show should be about in his mind:

"This season is definitely the season where the origin stories start really kicking in."

My overall impression of the first season of Gotham was that it had plenty of potential, will introducing lots of classic Batman foes in the second season be the way to realize that potential? Let’s hope. The second season of Gotham starts September 21st on Fox!

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