Arrow Finds Its Mister Terrific, Not Quite The Same As Comics


Arrow has found its Mister Terrific.

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Entertainment Weekly got to break the exclusive news, reporting that Echo Kellum will tackle the role in Season 4. His character is described as “a technological savant and inventor who works at Palmer Technologies under the supervision of Felicity Smoak.”

While this version of Mister Terrific is clearly based on the Michael Holt incarnation seen in JSA and the more recent Earth 2 books (as well as his own short-lived series during the initial New 52 relaunch), Kellum will actually be Curtis Holt on Arrow. There’s no obvious reason for the change, except to perhaps move away from Michael Holt’s motivation for becoming a super hero, which was his dead wife. There’s enough of that kind of grief-driven angst on the show already. Still, his tech background means we could still see things like the T-Spheres or the cool ability to make himself invisible to electronic detection.

If Kellum is familiar, it’s likely because you remember him from either Ben and Kate or Sean Saves the World, his two biggest TV gigs to date. EW says we’ll first get to meet his character on episode 2 of the upcoming season, and since the Season 4 premiere airs on Wednesday, October 8, that probably means you’ll get to see if Mister Terrific lives up to his name on October 15.

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