Batman v Superman was Supposed to be Released Today


It seemed so ambitious, didn’t it? When it was announced at Comic-Con 2 years ago that the sequel to Man of Steel wouldn’t be Man of Steel, but a little movie called Batman v Superman, the hope was to have it in theaters by this date last year. Realizing they had to quickly establish a shared cinematic universe to catch up with Marvel, the scope of the film got significantly bigger, thus they needed a helluva lot more time.

Here’s the original announcement from DC at SDCC from our friends over at The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog.

"Here it is. One of the biggest moments, not only of this Comic-Con, but of any Comic-Con. It’s the announcement of the Man of Steel sequel, Batman vs. Superman, the next phase of the much-anticipated DC cinematic universe.Sadly we had to turn off our cameras during the logo reveal, but others have posted it to YouTube which you can see here:"

What a difference a couple of years makes, huh? Now DC Films is fast tracked into Justice League mode, as we saw at SDCC THIS year.

It’s lead us to where we are today.

DC now has an insane slate of films they will be cranking out into the next decade. Can they catch up with Marvel? Will they burn audiences out? That’s yet to be seen, but they’ve hedged their bets on Zack Snyder and this film, so we will know the future of the entire thing in March.

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