Upcoming Spider-Man Variant Covers


The Spider-Man comics have some amazing variant covers on the way, for various runs such as Amazing Spider-Man renew your vows and Spider-Island, and I’d like to highlight two upcoming themes. First up we have Marvel’s Hip-Hop album cover variants. This first one is an homage to A Tribe Called Quest’s album Midnight Mauraders. Note the familiar faces in the background: Mr. Negative, Sandman, 2099, Boomerang, Black Cat, Miles, Shocker, Silk, Spider-Gwen, Lizard, and more. The spider symbol in place of the clocks to frame the cover is a nice touch.

Spider-Man midnight
Spider-Man midnight /

Next up in our Hip-Hop variants we have MC Spider and D-Pool with the throwback to Eric B and Rakim’s

Paid in Full

. The play on the heroes costumes is top notch here, and the gold chain substitution, and they’re not lacking in gold chains.

Spider-Man Hip
Spider-Man Hip /

On its way to stands before these covers, is the variant theme that I am quite excited for: the Manga Variants. These next two are drawn by Yusuke Murata, the artist on popular manga One-Punch Man. But I am a fan of his work for another manga that is one of my favorites, Eyeshield 21. Here he’s penciled some nice shots of Spidey hanging out and ready to fight crime. It’s nice to see a Japanese influenced Spider-Man that wasn’t designed for the Mangaverse or Supaidaman, but showcases a Manga artist’s take on classic Spider-Man.

Sp manga
Sp manga /

I think that Manga Variant month is an awesome idea, considering they tapped some of the best mangakas in the game, and I’m looking forward to picking these issues up in August. Have any upcoming variants you like? Let me know down below.