Gotham EP Talks Rise Of Villains In Season 2


The second season of Gotham is all about the rise of the villains we’ve come to know and fear. Gotham EPs Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller talked to CBR about what that means and what villains we’ll see.

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Heller talked about what Rise of The Villains actually means for the second season of Gotham:

"There is a genuine subtitle on the show, which is, “The Rise of the Villains.” It’s very much about the transition from old-school, mafia-type villainy to the kind of grandiose, grotesque, gothic evil that Gotham [City] is slowly moving towards. So, the crimes are grander. The villains are more grand-scale and theatrical. Monsters start to come out."

And Cannon discussed some of the villains we’ll see in this new season:

"We thought long and hard about this. So many of the characters don’t have origin stories. It’s not just a question of enjoying going back to an origin story. It’s, “Who fits in a realistic world?” They have to have their feet on the ground. Some characters are a little more advanced, stylistically. We found the Mr. Freeze story very emotional. That’s one we are going to look at. Hugo Strange is a very interesting character who has never had an origin story, as is the Calendar Man. Azrael is a character we are starting very, very, very way back. Tigress, also."

Read the full interview at the link provided for more including how Lucius Fox will figure into the next season of Gotham, which premiers September 21st on Fox.

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