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What if Batman Fired Robin?


I was actively reading Batman comics (never stopped) when Jason Todd threw that guy out of that window.

Bruce wasn’t all that happy about it and if he could have proven it, Jason might have found his ass on the curb in front of Wayne Manor. Batman isn’t really a patient man and you’d think he’d get frustrated trying to turn a 12 year old into a world class crime fighter and and detective. I mean, could he really be all that good at it all the time? He’s a kid, for Denny’s sake.

This begs the question: what would happen if Batman fired Robin? YouTubers The Frost Bros asked this question and decided to answer it themselves.

"Fired By Batman – Official Trailer [HD]When Robin screws up during a mission with Batman that leaves him out of the job, he must face his greatest foe yet, homelessness.Thanks for watching this trailer for our fake movie! Don’t you feel bad for poor Robin? If you liked it we hope you subscribe for weekly content!"

Honestly, he’d be better off joining that Boy Adventurer support group from Venture Brothers. I mean, he isn’t exactly going to be in a stable place emotionally.

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