Tao Okamoto Will Play Mercy Graves in ‘Batman v Superman’


It was a rumor well over a year ago and now we know for sure. Actress Tao Okamoto will play Lex Luthor’s personal assistant Mercy Graves in Batman v Superman.  Mercy was one of the cast members we’d heard rumblings about since one of the fake ‘shooting scripts’ of the film leaked out many months ago, and now the woman who seemed to appropriately fit the description of Luthor’s right hand in the BvS Comic-Con trailer is confirmed to be just that.

DC All-Access has a breakdown of said trailer and they let slip a little tidbit of casting news.

Here’s a little about Mercy from her wiki.

"Mercy Graves was created for Superman: The Animated Series (voiced by Lisa Edelstein) as a tough young woman with a checkered past. Mercy serves as Lex Luthor‘s personal bodyguard and chauffeur. Originally the leader of a gang of female thieves, Mercy once daringly swiped Luthor’s briefcase from under the billionaire’s nose. She did not get far before Luthor’s men hunted her down. However, rather than take revenge, Luthor, impressed by her mixture of ruthlessness and street savvy, offered her a job. He took her in, cleaned her up, and made her his right-hand woman, entrusting her with his personal security and also to carry out his dirty work.Though she usually relies on cool and sardonic wit as her first form of defense, Mercy is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant, using a rough, street-form ofkickboxing as her preferred form of attack. She is also an expert with most forms of handheld weapons. Her habitual dress is a chauffeur’s uniform with a very short skirt, a chauffeur’s cap, nylons and high heeled booties.Mercy is loyal and respectful to Luthor, but never servile. She claims to be “the only one in Luthor’s entire company who can get away with calling him Lex”."

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