Jena Malone’s Role In Dawn Of Justice Revealed?


According to an exclusive on Latino Review by Kellvin Chavez, Jena Malone, whose role in Dawn of Justice has been speculated about for months now, may in fact have been hired to play Barbara Gordon in Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice and not Carrie Kelly (Frank Millers’ female Robin in his graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns) as was previously rumored. Chavez states that he was made aware of this news at this years’ San Diego Comic Con but he was waiting for another source to confirm the news as fact. He states that it is unclear yet where Malone’s Barbara Gordon will be in her timeline; she could be playing the young woman before her vigilante days, or she could be Batgirl or even Oracle.

I personally believe that if Barbara Gordon is in the movie it would make the most sense for her to at least be Batgirl by the time the movie happens as traditionally she and Dick Grayson were mentored by Bruce together. We know that by the events of Dawn of Justice Jason Todd has had his run as Robin and has been killed so by this point Barbara should be Batgirl at least and possibly already Oracle since from what I know most of her interactions with the third Robin Tim Drake she is already in her wheelchair. I may not be super clear on comic book history with all the diverging stories and time lines but I am fairly clear on the order of Batman’s sidekicks.

As Chavez does not reveal his sources for this information I am still tentatively counting this as rumor until it is confirmed by someone from DC or Warner Bros, or by Zack Snyder or Jena Malone themselves.

Batman V Superman Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25, 2016. Be sure to stick with us here on Caped Crusades for all your Batman news needs including much more on Dawn of Justice!

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