All LEGO Batman 3 Characters Sung in 2 1/2 Minutes


OK, so, specifically 136 seconds. But close enough.

In the latest video from DC Entertainment Tiffany Smith has crafted a song where she can recite all 217 playable characters in LEGO Batman 3 as a song. Yep. A song.

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I’m sure you didn’t know you wanted this till it happened.

"What’s more impressive than the sheer number of playable characters in LEGO Batman 3? Hearing Tiffany Smith sing all of them in less than two and a half minutes in our newest, and quite possibly catchiest, DC All Access clip!This is basically the same premise as The Animaniacs’ Countries of the World song."

Yeah, you remember that now.

This particular incarnation of LEGO Batman is essentially dead now that the LEGO Movie version of the character has his own solo film. I doubt we see any more of this series, though I could be wrong. More likely, you’ll see more from LEGO Dimensions.

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