Trailer for Steampunk Batman Fan Film ‘Ripper’!


If you aren’t familiar with the completely underrated Batman comic Gotham by Gaslight by Brian Augustyn and Hellboy’s creator Mike Mignola, you need to get into your car, go to a comic shop and buy it in trade today.

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It’s a classic Elseworlds tale set in 19th century London, following a Victorian era Batman as hunts for the most infamous serial killer of all: Jack The Ripper.

It was such a popular re-imaging of the character that they nearly made a big budget video game about it. Sadly, the project was abandoned. It might have been one of the coolest, most high concept games around. Thankfully, you can still get the Gaslight playable skin in a few of the Arkham games.

Now a man named James Campbell has crafted a trailer for a fan made, live-action version of the tale called Ripper!

"RIPPER: A Batman fan film | Official Teaser Trailer (2015)London – 1888, the Jack the Ripper murders are gripping the nation and the people of Whitechapel are growing increasingly scared… Chief Inspector Abberline is struggling to figure out who the killer is and with added pressure from above to catch the murderer his own demons begin to get the better of him.  But there is someone out there who wants to help…  Watching… in the shadows… waiting to strike."

To find out more about the ambitious project, due out in October, you can follow news on Facebook and Twitter!

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