Amalgam Comics: 5 Marvel And DC Comic Characters Merged

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Green Lantern + Iron Man = Iron Lantern

Powers/Skill Set

  • Powerful suit made with alien technology
  • Creating objects with Green Lantern energy
  • Being rich

Probably one of the more interesting characters of the Amalgam clan is Hal Stark, a.k.a. The Iron Lantern. The two origin stories of Iron Man and the Green Lantern mesh suprisingly well together. Of the 12 series from Amalgam, this is probably one of the better stories that was written.


"Hal Stark is a millionaire and the founder of Stark Aircraft. He was working on a stationary flight simulator when the device suddenly took off with him in it. Stark discovered that the flight simulator was being drawn to a crashed alien spacecraft, and the flight simulator crashed yards away from it. Stark was badly injured by shards of metal stuck in his chest. Curious to the end, Stark made his way to the alien spacecraft, where he came upon the dying alien Rhomann Sur. The alien died before he could speak with Hal, and Hal realized he was dying as well. With his last efforts, Stark designed a suit of armor out of the alien technology, powered by a battery he found in the wreckage, one which reminded him of a lantern. The suit of armor not only allowed him to survive, but gave him incredible powers, allowing him to create any object he pleased out of a green energy, due to the battery he used being powered by Oa the Living Planet. He battled and defeated the aliens that had shot down Rhomann Sur’s spacecraft."

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