Happy 53rd Birthday Spider-Man! (August 10th)


Put on your party hats and grab your web cartridges true believers, it’s Spider-Man’s birthday! No, not Peter Parker’s actual birthday, but rather his heroic debut into the world of comics and the hearts of the masses. Tomorrow is August 10th, 2015, which brings us to the 53rd anniversary of former Marvel poster boy and everyone’s favorite hero Spider-Man. As many of you might know, Spider-Man first appeared in Anthology comic Amazing Fantasy #15; the issue weaved the original tale of timid teenager Peter Parker gaining spider-like abilities after being bit by a radioactive spider. The plot also contains scenes that were portrayed in Sam Raimi’s first Spider-Man movie -namely Peter wrestling as the “Masked Marvel” and the death of Uncle Ben. Since then, Spider-Man has been a student, a photographer, a teacher, a mentor, a scientist, a CEO, an Avenger, and more. Let’s raise a webbed fist toward the sky, and spend some time today honoring the web-head’s conception. Here are my suggestions of how you should celebrate.

  • Read your favorite issues of Spider-Man, whether it be Amazing, Spectacular, Team-Up, or regular ol’ Spider-Man. 
  • Play Spider-Man 2 on the PS2 and enjoy swinging around the city. Ultimate Spider-Man, Shattered Dimensions, and Spider-Man N64 are also acceptable. 
  • Watch, or re-watch, the original Spider-Man trilogy. Laugh at lines such as “Go Web, Go,”  cry a little as you cringe to Tobey Maguire’s “cool” dancing in Spider-Man 3, enjoy the great film that is Spider-Man 2, and lament as the third movie’s depiction of Venom leaves you fuming. 
  • Move on to watching the reboot movies Amazing Spider-Man 1 and 2. Attempt to find out what’s got Electro so blue. 
  • Ponder on the impending existence of a third reboot, and formulate opinions on the newest Spider-Man actor Tom Holland, opinions that you will share fervently with your peers. 
  • Realize you’ve had enough of these live actions takes of Spidey, and fire up some cartoons: Ultimate Spider-Man, Spider-Man Unlimited, and the original show are some suggestions on this front. 
  • Launch some mobile games that feature Spidey. Utilize his OP dodge levels and webbing skill in Future Fight as you systematically dismantle all foes in PVP or PVE. Complete a few runs in Spider-Man Unlimited in their latest event, An Amazing Anniversary, as you KO bosses to earn the newest spidey in the game: The Masked Marvel. 
  • Pour some drink out for the OG preacher of responsibility, Uncle Ben. RIP August 10th, 1962. 
  • Don your Spider-Man mask that you certainly, definitely own, and parkour around your neighborhood with the silly string web shooters you also own… probably. 
  • Whip out the Spider-Man toys you bought last Christmas and use some imagination! Or let the Legos™ do the talking and build an awesome scene. 
  • Comment below with why Spider-Man is your favorite hero, or alternatively, why you hate the darn bug and his foolish jokes (this one’s for you Doc). 
  • Or do none of these, and remember that you’re a DC fan and that Batman could beat Spider-Man any day, for realsies. Disclaimer: I love Batman as well but my money’s on Spider-Man this time around. Unless it’s Batman with planning.

And there you have it folks; feel free to expand this list in any way and find your own methods of showing the bug some love. Happy Anniversary Pete, you’ve come along way, and I sincerely hope your stint as an international super hero is an Amazing one. I hope you all have a spectacular day and swing into some good times. And hopefully generations present and future will continue to enjoy their neighborhood friendly Spider-Man.