Fantastic Four Would Work Better On TV

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Finding Out What’s Out There

Quick, cue the song from the beginning of WALL-E!

Of course there’s not just a world out there, but tons of worlds. The other quintessential part of the Fantastic Four formula involves exploration. At the risk of getting flamed, that’s probably the one thing the reboot got right, as the group successfully managed to travel to another dimension (without Sue for some reason, but that’s an additional, extra-large can of worms).

Yet a single alternate plane is for chumps. In the comics, the FF has traversed time, space and countless other dimensions. Ideally, they’d have a chance to check out as many as possible, which is a luxury that could only be afforded them on TV.

In fact, it’s in this area that Marvel losing the movie rights to its First Family really hurts. Think about the sequence from near the end of Ant-Man where Scott Lang finds himself in the Quantum Realm. Pretty cool, right? Except if we had a Fantastic Four TV series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hank Pym would be texting Reed Richards right after Scott’s return, and the FF would be on its way there soon after. That’s just what they do, and an ongoing show could set an episode or even a whole arc there.

Think of Doctor Who mixed with Star Trek: Voyager mixed with Marvel super heroes and you’ve got it pretty much down. Making the FF the pioneers for all that exists would be a good way to do them justice and set them apart from other super-teams, but its likely you’d need many hours of screen time to pull off that kind of hook.

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