Some Final Thoughts On The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two

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4. Guardians of the Galaxy

Yeah, I have to admit it: when Marvel first announced their entire Phase Two plan back in 2012, I saw the title Guardians of the Galaxy up there, and it was love at first sight. I remember reading about these guys when I was younger and I couldn’t believe that THIS was being brought to the big screen. I had to rub my eyes to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating. It was indeed a gift, and I knew this was my most anticipated movie of Phase Two.

This is definitely a fantastic movie, and I knew it would blow up as soon as I saw it during the very first showing on its release day. There were six other people in the theater with me, and we all ended up walking out with our jaws dropped. Aside from the fact that Chris Pratt was a perfect choice for Star-Lord and made a perfect leader for this team, Bradley Cooper’s voice for Rocket Raccoon just made his witty humor and perfect lines crack you up more, and Zoe Saldana was excellent donning the Gamora attitude and making it feel real. Dave Bautista was definitely the only person I could see being Drax, and of course, Vin Diesel’s Groot was a classic.

The teamwork in this film was great, with Marvel taking us outside of Earth for this one and having us ride along with this oddball team. The humor was at the right moments, and scenes such as the final fight playing out as it did worked perfectly for this type of movie. One last thing I can’t forget to mention is the appearance of Marvel characters like Thanos having a bigger part to tease the Infinity War, Taneleer Tivan (The Collector) whom Benicio Del Toro made me a huge fan of and made me want to see more of him, Adam Warlock’s cocoon, and last but not least the part that had me jumping like a fanboy, Howard The Duck.

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Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 is being written and directed again by James Gunn, who did a fantastic job handling these characters and showing once again a comic dream can come true.

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