Some Final Thoughts On The Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two

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2. Ant-Man

Ant-Man HAD to take second for me. It came close to first, but my top pick was special for reasons that we will get to shortly. This film was a treasure, as I would see all these comments doubting how good it would turn out, and it ended up being a gem in my eyes and those of a lot of other Marvel Cinematic Universe fans.

I trust Marvel enough to think they will make it good on almost any character now, and they definitely did so with this film. Paul Rudd was a perfect Scott Lang, giving us our first live-action look at the character and making me want to see him on the team with the Avengers more and more as the movie went on. Evangeline Lilly will be an excellent Wasp; I knew she’d make one as soon as I saw the trailer. I loved the feeling that the camera angles gave to make you feel the size of an ant and how they made battles look so epic. Ant-Man also gave us the classic Marvel humor such as the Thomas the Tank Engine toy blowing up huge or the small details such as being caught in a bug trap. I was very happy Peggy Carter showed up and interacted with Hank Pym, as well as Michael Douglas’ role as Pym in general and the mention of and flashback scene with Janet.

I remember hearing that Edgar Wright dropped off and thinking I hoped the film didn’t turn into a flop … but it definitely didn’t. It was still amazing and blew me away. Second-best out of all of Phase Two and honestly there wasn’t much I didn’t like. However, me being a huge Ultron fan, I do wish there was a little cameo in the background with a blueprint or something involving the creation of Ultron.

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