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Guardians of the Galaxy #1 Cosplay Variant

by Contagious Costuming

Contagious Costuming is just part of a North Carolina company called Contagious Media Productions. The other half specializes in web design and video production, so it’s safe to say that Contagious can help you look your best in person or on a digital screen.

Caitlin Contagious not only looks like a properly deadly Gamora on the Guardians cover, she’s also Producer & Art Director for Contagious Media. Her lifelong love of sewing led to a more recent discovery of cosplay, which is the safe path a lot of cosplayers have taken, and she’s mostly self-taught in the art of costuming.

Twitter: @itiscontagious

YouTube: Contagious Media Productions

Tumblr: Contagious Costuming

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